Empowered Podcast

Welcome to the Empowered Podcast! Join the owner and founder of Empowered Prevention, Jason Ott, as well as his business partner and co-host Nick Monzu as they dive deep into discussion on how to cultivate major health breakthroughs! When you listen, you will be empowered to step out and make changes in your own life.

During a discussion one day, Nick and Jason were talking through the current health paradigms that are leading to a lack of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health in the United States. Out of that discussion, the Empowered Podcast was birthed. The mission of this podcast is to cut through all the dogma, belief systems, and bias funding which is fueled by industry agendas that are leading to a lack of empowerment for the people. We live in the information age, when more “education” is at our fingertips than ever before… but is it going to stand the test of time or is it just another fad?

We live in the land of the American dream, but it is also the land of capitalism. We must have a high level of discernment when it comes to the information that we take in and accept as fact. Capitalism isn’t good or bad in our opinion, but being aware that it exists is the first step in discerning between good and bad advice. Diet trends, supplements, and health breakthroughs seem to be popping up weekly! How can you cut through the clutter and find the information that is truly there to support you in your health journey? These are the ideas we founded this podcast on.

Our goal is to increase your awareness and critical thinking when it comes to your health. When we help you do that, just as we have done for thousands of people throughout our careers, you will truly feel empowered!

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