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I came to Jason as a 62-year-old man that was overweight and out of shape. My thoughts on diet were whatever I could find to eat I would, donuts, candy, etc. From Jason, I have learned the importance of nutrition in everyday life, exercising, and health. While we normally do not think of what foods we eat can do harm to our bodies, it can and does. Jason is extremely knowledgeable in what foods can help lower cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. I am proof that a cleaner diet can lead to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and a better way of life.
His knowledge of training also has got me back into shape, enjoying golf again without pain and playing sports with my grandchildren. Jason mixes up the routines to keep it interested and as fun as exercising can be. I have gained more strength, lower body fat, and all-around more energetic.
Jason is a very personable, caring individual who looks at your past medical issues and works to help strengthen those areas.

– Dennis A.

Jason Ott

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