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Want to participate in our case study?

What we teach works for people to heal, but the road less traveled is changing how you eat and live to get better. We understand this isn’t for everyone, so we are searching for the ones ready! In 2021 we are looking for 15-20 people for a case study.

For those of you who have worked directly with Jason Ott, a professional connected to him at UBX, or have followed him on social media over the last couple of years, you have watched his passion and conviction grow as he educates on using nutrition and lifestyle to reverse disease. Jason and his longtime business partner Luke Shook, who owns Ultimate Body Experience, both have lost their parents from battles with cancer. As health professionals they asked “Are we educating our clients on the things needed to prevent this?” That question opened pandoras box!

After discovering clinical research from Dr. Michael Greger with his book “How Not To Die”, Jason began teaching clients this lifestyle which allowed them to reverse conditions most think of as lifelong. In his 1-on-1 business and Empowered University with partner Nick Monzu, they personally witnessed clients reverse or arrest conditions including auto-immune diseases like Lupus, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes Type 2, chronic digestive conditions like Sibo or Colitis and many other dietary diseases. There is research for healing almost all diseases through nutrition that we share with you.

What we teach works for people to heal, but the road less traveled is changing how you eat and live for improved health. We understand this isn’t for everyone so we are searching for the ones ready! In 2020, we are looking for 15-20 people for a case study. We want those who will commit this next year to achieving the health they have always wanted. We are looking for people suffering from chronic medical conditions, weight gain, and pain ready to improve their health. We have partnered with a nurse practitioner to help us safely complete this case study and allow people to reduce medications as their conditions improve. We know if you are compliant, you will heal!

Guidelines and details are below. If you aren’t compliant to the guidelines and expectations, you will be dropped from the program, losing all incentives and discounts.

  • Use an In-Body to track physical changes of muscle mass, body fat %, and BMR
  • Access to Nurse Practitioner Sherri Heavey at any time for Medical questions
  • Blood work will be done in the beginning and every 120-180 days
  • Complete all or portion of Empowered University starting Jan. 16 ($50 off each month for full program)
    • Educates you on this lifestyle of prevention and healing
  • Exercise in a small group, or with a trainer at UBX for duration of case study (discounts available)
  • Follow plant heavy diet of 10% or less animal products. Focus is on whole foods from the earth to heal the body
  • Weekly accountability meetings on Wednesday nights at 6pm at UBX (No cost)
  • Read nutrition literature on how to reverse your disease
  • One session a month with Jason Ott for nutrition coaching for full year of case study ($1,200 value, free)
  • One session a month with Nick Monzu for behavior and psychological coaching for full year of case study ($1,200 value, free)

The expectation is that during this case study you will arrest your disease and begin reversing it or completely reverse it by the end of the study. All results will be documented. This is a win win for both you and the health professionals conducting this study. You reach health goals you’ve been wanting for years while we gain documented proof of what nutrition and lifestyle change can do for our health to help more people. By being accepted to participate in this study you will receive over $2,500 of services for no cost. The only thing you pay for is your participation in Empowered University to get you jump started, and exercise. We have many options for that.

The chronic illness epidemic in America is getting worse and worse. Anyone’s family who has been impacted by someone becoming ill or passing away early in life understands change is needed! Please help us create this change together for the Omaha community!

How to apply

  1. Please inform Nick Monzu, Luke Shook, Ann Massey, or Jason Ott if you’d like to be in this study. Then fill out the application online and send it in!
  2. We will review the application and inform you on your acceptance within 48 hours.
  3. Not sure if this is for you? Email to schedule a 30 minute no cost phone call to discuss details prior to the January meeting
  4. January 4th at 10am located at UBX Omaha will be a group meeting to discuss all aspects before the case study begins January 16th

Complete the form for case study