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Empowered University

Take a look at our unique Empowered U! service and register today.

What Empowered University Is about?

Empowered University
Empowered University is a program, concept, and community that provides a unified approach to your unique health and wellness situation.

We have professionals from multiple disciplines within the wellness industry that work together to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can effectively, efficiently, and sustainably cultivate the knowledge, skills, and courage to address the health and wellness needs of yourself and your loved ones.

Multi-Professional Approach: Why it Works!

As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Psychology, nutrition, and movement come together to bring a layered approach to helping you reclaim your health. Nick and Jason combine their unique skill sets to help you achieve your health goals.

We believe the answer to your wellness lies within each one of you. YOU are the secret weapon. This approach is centered entirely around the unique individual and leads us down an amazing journey of discovery and unlimited growth.

Humans naturally possess all the necessary ingredients to heal all systems; this beautiful design is innately programmed within us all. We have the ability to change and adapt – all the way to the cellular level – until death. This is a true gift. However, tapping into the body’s intelligent systems can be both complexes to understand and overwhelming to execute. We are passionate about educating and empowering you to begin discovering the fascinating body and its true potential while guiding you to your starting point and beyond.


Solutions are individually unique, requiring coordination, prioritization, and multiple specializations to truly maximize time and efforts. We are dedicated to a multi-professional approach to you, in which we strongly believe that more brains are always better than one alone.

Collectively we understand, treat and integrate the metabolic system, neuromuscular system, and immune system through mind/body connections and realignment. The synergy experienced is undeniably powerful.

The Empowered U program is meant to do just that: teach you how to take control of your own health. In this 3-month program, you will learn multiple dimensions of wellness, that when interconnected will lead you into optimal health. In this program, you will learn through practical application and through education in a classroom setting. Learning is a process that takes time, and this program has a long-term goal of a true lifestyle change.

What you Get & Why this Program is Right for You

Empower U is not for someone looking for a quick fix. Instead, it is for someone who has made a decision to create a new lifestyle. The primary outcome is to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions. This isn’t a weight loss program; this is a program to maximize your longevity. As a result of those habits, you will lose weight, build muscle, and feel better. It is also a program that will empower you through education so you have the ability and confidence to make your own health decisions.

    Included in the Empower U course:

  • Weekly accountability meetings
  • One weekly education class
  • Group exercise workouts
  • Behavior modification strategies
  • Practical psychology techniques
  • Nutrition education
  • One private session with each health professional

The cost of the program is $199/month and will cover everything included above. If you would like more information on enrolling for the Empower University program, please contact Empowered Prevention Contact Us Now and reserve your spot in our next semester.

Our Mission

Educate & Empower

We educate and empower individuals to access the brilliant intelligence and resilient healing properties of the human body.

Our Vision


We envision a world free of chronic disease, full of mental clarity and a perpetual flux of unbounded energy. We believe in empowering others to experience a heightened state of enhanced living and preventing hindrance to your health and well-being. We aspire to lead a vast movement of powerful, thriving beings into their limitless health potential.