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Feeling tired most of the time, having knee pain, experiencing leg swelling at night, and feeling full quite often, I knew something had to change. I was fit and feeling great and fit just 6 years ago while training for 1/2 marathons, but, I just did not feel like myself. I saw my 12- year old daughter transforming from a little girl into an athlete, all with the help of Jason Ott through her agility training for her softball team, so that’s who I turned to. I knew Jason would be able to help. When Jason and I met, I told him that at age 47 I just wanted to feel “good” again! He talked to me about my meals, my exercise, and we also went through physical testing (range of motion testing, etc.) to determine “where I was” physically and mentally with my eating habits. I could not have asked for a better blessing in my life. Since I began training with Jason in 2017, I have lost fat, gained muscle, and feel like I have my youth back! Jason counseled me on many items, but most notably my caloric intake, eating a plant-based diet and omitting dairy (yes, my mom also raised me to drink a glass or two of milk every day) and soda from my diet. Who would have thought that those little changes would make such a big difference! Since I cut out 99% of dairy and all soda (7 months soda free), I do not feel bloated and my leg swelling dissipated. My (mostly) plant-based diet does not leave me hungry and energizes me to exercise longer and allows me to focus better. And, of course, the training and exercises he has given me have balanced and strengthened my body. I still have work to do, but I am on my way to feeling better at age 47 than I did at 37, all with Jason’s help!

– Kim B.

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