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A lifelong seeker of adventure, fitness, and overall wellness, Kate has always led an active lifestyle as a competitive athlete and runner. Although looking healthy, throughout her late teens and 20’s, Kate began experiencing unexplained heart palpitations, mood swings, hormone imbalance, difficulty balancing weight, and brain fog. These odd symptoms only occurred occasionally, so very little merit was ever given to them. In fact, they were typically downplayed as a “normal part” of the female aging process.

At 35, seemingly in the prime of her life as a wife and mother, Kate began experiencing nearly constant fatigue, heart palpitations, hot flashes, brain fog, postpartum depression, adrenal fatigue, an underactive thyroid, and difficulty getting pregnant. How could this be? Eating healthy, following a “low carb” diet largely avoiding dairy and processed sugars, and only purchased the best pastured, grass-fed meats, Kate’s diet primarily consisted of meat, vegetables, eggs, nuts, and a few grains such as rice and oats. She avoided sugar, especially fruits, and most vegetables were cooked for easier digestion. However, the number on the scale did not reflect true health. She sought the advice of multiple doctors (western and functional) and chiropractors while also taking blood tests only to be told that she was probably just “a tired new mom with a slightly underactive thyroid.” One pill a day would make her feel better immediately.

Intuitively, Kate knew that something more was going on. Unwilling to settle for a life of prescription medication, Kate became her own health advocate, researching and reading voraciously until she found answers to WHY the sudden decline in health. For Kate, healing came quickly with an overhaul to her morning routine away from eggs, protein shakes, and radical fats to fresh juices, smoothies, and lower fats. That was just the beginning. Four years later, Kate is primarily plant-based and has healed all of her previous health conditions. She no longer suffers from heart palpitations, brain fog, mood swings, adrenal fatigue, or underactive thyroid. Her blood levels are optimal, and zero medications necessary.

With 15+ years of teaching experience, Kate brings a dynamic public speaking presence and a high energy teaching style! Coupled with strong intuition, deep empathy, experience healing as a busy wife, mother, and business owner, Kate’s greatest desire is to help others find the answers to their own suffering. Chronic ailments and illnesses are not “normal” as we age. While Kate loves working with all people, her specialties include pre/postpartum health, pediatric food sensitivities, and allergies, liver health, adrenal health, cleansing, and aging gracefully. Kate is beyond thrilled to be joining the Empowered Prevention team.

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