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Educate & Empower

Empowered Prevention has helped people across the country to improve their health and achieve their total wellness goals.

Contact Lorena for appointment scheduling and general questions by calling Empowered Prevention or email

Meet Lorena

Meet Lorena, the newest team member and the executive assistant at Empowered Prevention. She is enthusiastic about teaching, learning, and helping others with herbalism and the many other aspects of nutrition/lifestyle change. Lorena will help with new client communication,
scheduling, product management, and a few other things as we continue to grow. She is delighted to join the team since she has been through her own recovery within chronic illness and has found purpose in assisting others to find improvement with their health. Please join us in welcoming her to Empowered Prevention and the community we are both excited to serve!

Lorena is the first point of contact if you’re unable to get in touch with Jason in a timely manner for any reason. Due to the client volume and the continued development of the herbal products it was obvious that help is needed to continue to provide the level of service when hiring Empowered Prevention.
Feel free to call Empowered Prevention or email if you’re in need of anything.

Our Mission

Educate & Empower

We educate and empower individuals to access the brilliant intelligence and resilient healing properties of the human body.

Our Vision


We envision a world free of chronic disease, full of mental clarity, and enlightened spiritual energy. We believe in empowering others to experience a bio-individual state of living which prevents hinderance to your well-being and increases health span. We aspire to lead a vast movement of powerful, thriving people into their true health potential.