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More Energy, Improved Mood, and Restful Sleep

By February 13, 2021No Comments

When I first spoke with Jason about changing my diet to a Whole Foods Plant-Based diet, I looked at my husband and said “NO WAY!” After 6 months of thinking and researching, I finally listened to the conversation I had with Jason. If my husband was willing to do it with me, and the benefits of removing dairy, processed foods, and most but not all of the animal products outweighed what I was doing. My energy was drained daily and really felt like we were barely existing day to day. We decided to go all-in and cleaned out our entire kitchen, then spent almost 2 hours in the grocery store learning about all these new foods Jason told us to shop for. We really embraced the process of learning this new lifestyle and did not treat it like a diet. We knew it would take time to learn how to shop, cook, and create good tasting food. I work 12 hour days, so making it through a day and not feeling wiped out was a major benefit of switching my eating to whole foods plant-based. After a week and a half, I had more energy, my mood was improved, my sleep has been more restful, and I told Jason that I feel like I’m on an energy high all day. I’m glad I made the change for myself and with my husband who I love. Thank you Jason Ott for your help, encouragement, and guidance on this new lifestyle!

– Patti S.

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