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Empowered Prevention has helped people across the country to improve their health and achieve their total wellness goals.

They pride themselves on creating confidence with their infectious no-excuses attitude towards profound transformation.

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Nick’s Education

Nick makes everything you do matter to you. He links what you already know – and what you’re currently learning – to physical actions that lead you to where you want to be. He believes in your potential and has dedicated his life to guiding you to see it for yourself. He is classically trained and educated on corrective movement prescription, practical psychology, and Postural Restoration. His formal education started with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in exercise science. After he completed his degree, he began working in the field, during which he added certifications in Postural Restoration, NASM, and Strong First, as he learned what his clients needed to know to maximize their health potential.

Nick’s Simplicity

Nick is the compassionate leader who wants to know your whole story. His trained eye for posture and movement, mastery in applying all concepts to your everyday life, and passion for infusing empowerment principles through his every breath, create a powerful combination of positive momentum to enrich your health journey. Simply put, the mind controls the body. Nick will help you understand the human mind and gain control of your own. This is the foundation that is needed to build an empowering program that evokes real lifestyle change.

Nick’s Role

Nick is partnered with Jason and is cofounder of Empowered University. This is a program they created together to help bridge the education gap for individuals looking to learn the how and why behind a healthy lifestyle, geared toward preventing disease and disability. In this program, Nick teaches students about mind and movement. He helps educate on proper behavior change and the mindset it takes achieve the health you want. He also is the program designer for all exercise within the University.”

Our Mission

Educate & Empower

We educate and empower individuals to access the brilliant intelligence and resilient healing properties of the human body.

Our Vision


We envision a world free of chronic disease, full of mental clarity and a perpetual flux of unbounded energy. We believe in empowering others to experience a heightened state of enhanced living and preventing hindrance to your health and well-being. We aspire to lead a vast movement of powerful, thriving beings into their limitless health potential.