Let’s Talk About It Podcast

Join Kate and Jason as they share how Empowered Prevention helps people learn a lifestyle of longevity, reversing chronic illness, and preventing disease formation. Trendy weight loss diets are not the same as learning human nutrition focused on preventing, stopping the progression of, and reversing disease.

The “Lets Talk About It” podcast was created to bring critical thinking into our health and nutrition industry. Most people believe weight loss is the only thing needed to ensure a long, independent life. When we go to our doctor, the doctor tells us to exercise and eat better for weight loss, but what does that vague statement really mean? Are the best weight loss diets really the best for chronic disease prevention and reversal? There’s a huge difference between the latest diet trends and the organizations that are reversing disease of all kinds across the United States. They present two separate belief systems on nutrition, with two separate funding groups. Few people realize there is a difference, and this creates mass confusion with an epidemic of the disease in America!

The leading weight loss trends do not consider the diet’s impact on long-term organ health. Almost all mainstream diets are funded and researched to see how QUICKLY one can lose weight. They pay no attention to long term organ function, immune system strength, and disease prevention or formation. This is irresponsible and misleading. We must be vigilant consumers and understand the “why” behind the information we are taking in. But if your “why” for changing your lifestyle is due to chronic disease, and you want longevity with a quality of life free of medication into your retirement years, then this podcast is for you!

We live in the land of the American dream, but it is also the land of capitalism. Companies are free to do what they want and claim what they will. We must have a high level of discernment when it comes to the information that we take in and accept as fact. We must also take responsibility for our own health and the investment it takes to understand what is best for ourselves and family. Capitalism isn’t good or bad in my opinion, but being aware that it exists is the first step in discerning the “why” of the organization giving you advice. New diet trends with the “latest and greatest” products pop up every 5-7 years… so is that really healthy or just clever marketing? How can you cut through the clutter and find the information that is truly there to support you in your health journey? These are the ideas we founded this podcast on.

What keeps us disease-free and thriving hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. What has changed is how we learn this information.

The goal is to increase your awareness and critical thinking when it comes to your health. When we help you do that, just as we have done for thousands of people throughout our careers, you will truly feel empowered to live a thriving life!