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Rooted Nutrition

Our Mission: Working together as a community, we educate and empower individuals to access the brilliant intelligence and resilient healing properties of the human body.



Get Rooted!

Rooted Nutrition was created to offer a community of support and education for those wishing to make a healthy lifestyle change using food as a form of medicine. Each biweekly class lasts for one hour and is structured to educate first, then discuss the new information to have a full understanding, followed by taking practical action towards your health until the group meets again.

This coaching group is for people who are confused by the endless diet trends, have battled with weight gain, or suffered from chronic illness of any kind. Rooted is also for those interested in preventing disease and learning the root causes of reversing what has plagued them for far too long. This is a long-term, supported group environment that is meant to be joined after you have completed small group coaching or individual health coaching. At this point, you will have built your bio-individual healthy lifestyle and can continue this progress in our Rooted nutrition community.

Rooted Nutrition is the group we wish we had when beginning our own wellness and healing journeys. We will provide individuals the information needed to activate what the body already knows how to do. This means education, hope, guidance, and zero judgment meeting people at any juncture in their life.

The class takes place bi-weekly and cycles topics every six months. You can join the class at any time and don’t worry if you miss a week because it will be recorded, then sent out to those absent. A monthly donation is how we take payment and do not require a minimum donation. You give what you feel its worth! The focus is on creating community and working to support each other in achieving the health we all want. We do not want money to be the reason you don’t get help!

For more information, questions or to enroll please contact Empowered Prevention. Contact Us Now.

Session Topics: 

  • Embracing Your Why
  • Becoming Mindful
  • Diet Trends & Belief Systems: Are You Confused?
  • Food vs. Food Products
  • Genetics/Epigenetics and Toxicity
  • Healthy Microbiome: Role of Viruses and Inflammation
  • The Vagus Nerve: Autoimmune / Mental Health
  • Fruit Fear and Protein
  • What’s Happening to Hormones (Aging)
  • Navigating Social Scenes
  • How Much is Enough: Understanding Fat Intake and Macros
  • Loving Your Liver & Eating For Immunity

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