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    Empowered University is where we will be pooling our knowledge, skills, and passion together. Working as individuals we found that we didn’t have the ability to give our clients the help they needed to take their Health into their own hands and this frustration led to is creating this Concept, Program, and Community, that we believe will revolutionize the way we address the health of ourselves and our loved ones.

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    Jason Ott

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    Our research on the power of plants is backed by published medical journal research. Select below and learn more about the services we offer.

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    “I have been lucky enough to work with Jason the past 3 years! Prior to embarking on the multitude of benefits I've experienced working with Jason I was 50lbs over weight with degenerative disc disease & arthritis. Although I still battle some back & hip pain ( as any 41yr old mom ) my quality of life is much better. Including, a healthy weight, more energy & erasing my dependence on pain medication. Working with Jason has taught me to understand my body, focus on technique, know when to rest & know when to train hard. Nutrition has also been at the forefront of my journey. With Jason's guidance I have found the many benefits of a plant based diet. As well as finding support through plants to promote a healthier me. My strength, core & confidence have all grown and continue to do so. Jason has been a great investment in my health & well being.”

    Anne M.

    “Jason Ott gets it. Had a universal synchronicity not occurred causing Jason and I to cross paths I’m afraid I would have continued down the same road beating my body up by bad diet and lifestyle habits. As a recovering congressional staffer plagued by inconsistent eating patterns and high stress environments, I’ve found a new revitalized approach to life. Thanks to Jason, he’s put that pep back into my step and professional productivity. For that, I’m forever grateful for his endless energy, enduring encouragement, and enlightened expertise.”

    Elliott B.

    “Feeling tired most of the time, having knee pain, experiencing leg swelling at night and feeling full quite often, I knew something had to change. I was fit and feeling great and fit just 6 years ago while training for 1/2 marathons, but, I just did not feel like myself. I saw my 12- year old daughter transforming from a little girl into an athlete, all with the help of Jason Ott through her agility training for her softball team, so that’s who I turned to. I knew Jason would be able to help. When Jason and I met, I told him that at age 47 I just wanted to feel "good" again! He talked to me about my meals, my exercise, and we also went through physical testing (range of motion testing, etc.) to determine "where I was" physically and mentally with my eating habits. I could not have asked for a better blessing in my life. Since I began training with Jason in 2017, I have lost fat, gained muscle, and feel like I have my youth back! Jason counseled me on many items, but most notably my caloric intake, eating a plant-based diet, and omitting dairy (yes, my mom also raised me to drink a glass or two of milk every day) and soda from my diet. Who would have thought that those little changes would make such a big difference! Since I cut out 99% of dairy and all soda (7 months soda free), I do not feel bloated and my leg swelling dissipated. My (mostly) plant-based diet does not leave me hungry and energizes me to exercise longer and allows me to focus better. And, of course, the training and exercises he has given me has balanced and strengthened my body. I still have work to do, but I am on my way to feeling better at age 47 than I did at 37, all with Jason's help!”

    Kim B.

    “About a year ago I was having problems with my thyroid, every few months it would swell up which was very painful. We went to multiple doctors including a specialist and all were clueless on why it was happening. It wasn't until I adopted plant based eating that I noticed I wasn't getting those random weeks where my thyroid would swell. Since eating plant based I am overall a much healthier person, my energy has increased significantly, and my immune system has grown stronger. Going plant based was the best decision I could've made for my health, without changing I truly believe I would not have accomplished the things I have today and my thyroid problems would have continued. ”

    Mia T.

    “When I first spoke with Jason about changing my diet to a Whole Foods Plant Based diet, I looked at my husband and said "NO WAY!" After 6 months of thinking and researching, I finally listened to the conversation I had with Jason. If my husband was willing to do it with me, and the benefits of removing dairy, processed foods, and most but not all of the animal products outweighed what I was doing. My energy was drained daily and really felt like we were barely existing day to day. We decided to go all in and cleaned out our entire kitchen, then spent almost 2 hours in the grocery store learning about all these new foods Jason told us to shop for. We really embraced the process of learning this new lifestyle, and did not treat it like a diet. We knew it would take time to learn how to shop, cook, and create good tasting food. I work 12 hour days, so making it through a day and not feeling wiped out was a major benefit of switching my eating to whole foods plant based. After a week and half I had more energy, my mood was improved, sleep has been more restful, and I told Jason that I feel like I'm on an energy high all day. I'm glad I made the change for myself and with my husband who I love. Thank you Jason Ott for your help, encouragement, and guidance on this new lifestyle!”

    Patti S.

    “"I came to Jason as a 62 year old man that was overweight and out of shape. My thoughts on diet was whatever I could find to eat I would, donuts, candy etc. From Jason I have learned the importance of nutrition in everyday life, exercising and health. While we normally do not think of what foods we eat can do harm to our bodies, it can and does. Jason is extremely knowledgeable in what foods can help lower cholesterol, blood pressure etc. I am proof that a cleaner diet can lead to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and a better way of life.
    His knowledge of training also has got me back into shape, enjoying golf again without pain and playing sports with my grandchildren. Jason mixes up the routines to keep it interested and as fun as exercising can be. I have gained more strength, lower body fat and all around more energetic.
    Jason is a very personable, caring individual who looks at your past medical issues and works to help strengthen those areas."

    Dennis A.

    “"I won’t lie; Jason asked me to write a testimonial months ago. I told him I would and I wanted to but every time I sat down I felt emotional. The overwhelming type where you go into the bathroom, have a good cry and then busy yourself with anything, like folding laundry and washing dishes to avoid having to think about where you once were.

    You see, I was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) and Lupus Nephritis when I was 19 years old and from there it was all downhill for many, many years. Throughout my twenties I faced medical obstacles that none of my friends faced or could even imagine facing. I was in and out of the hospital, constantly sick and exhausted and I thought I wouldn’t live to see thirty. I lost many friends as they assumed I was a flake, as I always was too tired to go out and party on a Friday night, which is one of the main activities when you go to college in Las Vegas. I lived on pain medication and prednisone. When I was able to go out, I self-medicated with massive amounts of alcohol and terrible fast food. I honestly figured if I was dying why would it make a difference.

    Then when I was 23 I moved to Nebraska where I started researching food “and exercise as options to help with autoimmune conditions. I figured it was time to do something as I struggled on most days to climb one flight of stairs to our second-floor apartment. I moved to a paleo diet and started hitting a CrossFit gym 3 to 5 days a week. I saw improvements that I never imagined, given what doctors had been telling me for over four years. While the improvements were huge I was still living with moderate symptoms and the major problem I was experiencing was not being able to have a baby and was told that it might not ever be a possibility. This weighed heavy on me as my husband and I want to have a family.

    Then in early 2018 I met up with Jason who explained that a vegan diet could help heal my body. I followed a strict vegan protocol for about three and a half months. During that time, my lupus markers literally were gone. While I will never fully be cured of Lupus, I could live in a constant state of remission, and I was there. I was also able to start adding more vegetarian foods to my diet and eventually small amounts of animal based products a few times a week without having a flare. My numbers are stable and my doctors are happy with the progress I have made.

    Obviously, six months is not a long time to heal your body and many individuals may have to follow the protocol longer as everyone is very different. The results I saw on the protocol were amazing and I fully intend to do another round of the protocol soon and for longer. I am also optimistic that this will heal me enough to conceive and birth a child of my own.

    I highly recommend working with Jason and following this protocol if you have been diagnosed with Lupus as it is a LIFE CHANGER!" ”