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Empowered Prevention has helped men and women around the country improve their health and achieve their total wellness goals.

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Nutrition Consulting

Our program is NOT one that will recommend quick fixes or magic pills. The only way the body can heal is through creating the right environment internally and externally. Throughout this process, we will also resolve any mental blocks. Reach out to us to schedule a free 60 minutes Health Clarity consultation session.

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Understanding Herbalism

It is our belief that medicinal herbs can be included safely within your health and wellness journey to increase the benefits of all forms of medicine and wellness. In our experience, the clients who have received the best results tend to slowly build a healthy lifestyle over the course of months on top of medical intervention

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We are passionate about educating on the power of REAL FOOD. Our speaking engagements cut through the confusion of what the diet and fitness industry teaches. Our focus is on whole-body health, from the inside out. There are amazing benefits available when people learn how to eat and prepare real foods and make simple lifestyle modifications!

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Our Mission

Educate & Empower

We educate and empower individuals to access the brilliant intelligence and resilient healing properties of the human body.

Our Vision

Disease Free World

We envision a world free of chronic disease, full of mental clarity, and enlightened spiritual energy. We believe in empowering others to experience a bio-individual state of living which prevents hinderance to your well-being and increases health span. We aspire to lead a vast movement of powerful, thriving people into their true health potential.