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Understanding Herbalism

Learn how including medicinal herbs into your lifestyle will increase the effectiveness of all other wellness and medical intervention


Herbalism is a form of supporting the body on a deep cellular level as it works to return to a place of health. We believe the human body has an intelligent design to heal in the correct environment if you live within accordance with what it needs. This is explained scientifically as maintaining or returning to homeostasis. This homeostasis only happens when we align the health of mind, body, and soul for an extended period of time.

Herbalism has been used in all cultures across the globe for thousands of years. The most well-known belief systems use the European model, Ayurvedic philosophy, or Chinese herbalism. Often when it comes to choosing the path for improving our health, it can be very confusing. There is usually a divide within most belief systems professionally, as few people study all forms of medicine and wellness to gain the perspective needed for the big picture of our health. So what do we do?

Herbalism isn’t medicine and shouldn’t ever replace your doctor’s medical advice or prescription drugs. The goal of herbalism also is not to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for the client. Right now, so many people are fighting “what direction is right” instead of understanding what direction is right for the individual person and the future health they want.

In our practice, we work with each client’s doctor to understand medically what is going on. Then, we educate where we can help to bridge the gap between medical treatment and the various aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

It is our belief that medicinal herbs can be included safely within your health and wellness journey to increase the benefits of all forms of medicine and wellness. This includes Western medicine, functional medicine, integrative and lifestyle medicine, and alternative medicine practices. In our experience, the clients who have received the best results tend to slowly build a healthy lifestyle over the course of months to include layers in their health and wellness on top of medical intervention. All of us can work together to create the best approach for improving your health!

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